We’re the first generation to have a chance at providing great learning opportunities to every person on the planet. To accomplish this audacious goal we need to spur and scale innovations in learning.

As a Washington State nonprofit organization, eduInnovation is devoted to innovations in learning. We believe new tools and learning environments hold the potential to boost learning and employability worldwide – particularly from low-income backgrounds.

We construct advocacy campaigns. By framing emerging issues, engaging experts and stakeholders, and using multiple media channels we build support and mobilize change.

Recent thought leadership campaigns, conducted in partnership with Getting Smart, include:



Hacking Your Way to a Career You Love, a blog series and toolkit sponsored by JA and Kathryn Albertson Foundation.

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Smart Cities

7 Keys to Education & Employment, a blog series and book sponsored by Carnegie Corporation

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Smart Parents

Parenting for Powerful Learning, a blog series and book sponsored by Nellie Mae Education Foundation.

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Preparing Leaders for Deeper Learning

A blog series and paper, sponsored by Hewlett Foundation, that broke new ground on competency-based approaches to educator training.

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These projects pioneered a new approach to advocacy–a crowdsourced multi-channel thought leadership campaign. We develop and share compelling content through blogs, podcasts, infographics, books, and a web of social media.

We believe learning is the fastest path to peace, prosperity, and sustainability.

Let’s build a campaign together!